a dessertspoon of dried yeast
a teaspoon of honey
half a pint of warm water

one pound of flour
a pinch of salt
and a dessertspoon of olive oil

dissolve the sugar in the warm water
add the yeast and stir
leave to rise for fifteen minutes
whisk the liquid yeast
pour the oil into the flour
add the yeast
and mix with a fork
knead the dough for ten minutes

place the dough in a bowl and cover with a teacloth
leave to rise for an hour
knead the risen dough for five minutes
lightly oil the inside of a one pound loaf tin
place the dough inside the tin and cover with a teacloth

leave to rise for twenty minutes

set the oven temperature at two hundred degrees centigrade

place the tin on the middle shelf
bake for thirty minutes

turn the bread out onto a wire rack
leave to cool